Macro-Air - High Volume Low Speed HVLS Ceiling Fan

Re-Engineering Air…With Airstar High Volume Low Speed HVLS Ceiling Fans!

Make your space cooler with the benefits derived from our 5 blade HVLS ceiling fan technology. The Misting Store and Macro-Air have developed a compact high volume low speed ceiling fan available for restaurants, bars, hotels and residential applications. With blade diameters from 6’ to 12’ our Airstar HVLS ceiling fan is an elegant solution for outdoor lanais, awnings and covered terraces. With its sleek design and construction an Airstar HVLS ceiling fan will enhance any décor or motif. The efficiency of these fans, one Airstar can replace up to 6 standard ceiling fans, operate much quieter, and because they move 560%, more airflow means more cooling comfort.


HVLS technology works on the principal of overall air movement, standard ceiling fans because of their high speed chop air in short bursts, thus not allowing the air to circulate evenly. High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) works just the opposite because of its aerodynamic air foil  and lower-speed larger volumes of  air are destratified  and circulated with less turbulence,  thus creating a constant  and smooth movement of airflow causing ambient temperatures to drop to comfortable levels.


All fans come in aluminum finishes however custom colors and finishes are available upon request, we can custom color the fans or choose any style or finish such as bamboo, teak, camouflage  or any designs that would suite your décor or motif