Stable Mist Cooling Celling Fans

Designed To Meet All Of Your Equine Facility Cooling Needs.

We all know how uncomfortable and dangerous summer’s oppressive heat indexes can be on people, fortunately modern technology has allowed us to counter it’s negative effects on us. What about for horses? can provide a cool, comfortable and dry solution to your equine’s heat stress needs. Our cooling system can turn any open-air equine facility into a cool zone that will keep your horses healthy and safe from excessive heat stress and flying insect habitation seasons. Large or small we have a wide range of cooling applications to make your facility comfortable for your horses and staff. Our design team can provide a cooling system tailored to meet5 your specific requirements and budget.

What can a system do for your equine facility?

Lower temperatures by 25 digress    
Reduce flying insect habitation    
Reduce heat-stress related health issues   
Enhance air quality & dust control    
Increase boarding revenue   
Low cost of operation

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